Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Product Review: Dungarees and Pinafores from ARK

Hi Everyone,

Fashion is not just the clothes you wear but also the way you carry yourself and how you feel about it. It lies in one's confidence. You will automatically look good if a dress fits you well and you are comfortable in it.     

There are loads of outfits which look cute and stylish and at the same time are very comfortable too. Pinafore dresses and dungarees are one of those.  

Whether it is hot and humid or cold and shivery, you can wear these and pair them with almost anything (sweaters, jacket, tee-shirt, crop tops,tank-top,ganji) and these will look super chic and give you the girl next door look. Dungarees sets an edgy look when paired up with an oversize tee and the cute Pinafore Dress creates a girly look when teamed up with a crop top.

I personally love Dungarees and Pinafore dresses and was browsing for a website who sells these products and I could not take my eyes off the cute Dungarees and Pinafore dresses from ARK ( Here ). They have a gorgeous selection at their website. 

Below are some of their amazing collection:

The brand is different from its competitors because it is well known as one of the country's leading retailers, setting trends and making sure shoppers stay up to date with the latest looks and labels.  

Bring back the 90s fashion with Dungarees and Pinafores dresses and look cute and chic. So what are you waiting for girls! Go check out the ARK's full Dungarees and Pinafores collection ( Here ). 

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you love the review :)

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