Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Weekly Tips: Big and Useful Handbags

Hi Everyone,

Few weeks ago I posted a weekly tip on Mini Bags ( Here ) and this time its big and utility handbags. As I always say, big bags are very useful as its convenient to carry all your essential stuff together. 

Transparent or see-through handbags are very much in fashion. You can organize and make your handbag look good by putting colorful essentials in it. 
Few days ago, I received a request to post something regarding college bags. I think it is not mandatory to carry school bags to your college. I mean.. Come on girls..!! this is college..!! And a little style with studies won't hurt. You can use these lovely and smart looking big handbags to your college. 


You can carry  your books, your water bottle, stationery, your shades and a little makeup (may be) :). 

Big bags are also good for your office. You can carry everything you want. It is also good for shopping and going out. I personally love carrying big bags as I have to carry many things when I go out for shoots or shopping. So, I prefer carrying a big bag rather than carrying small bags.

Thank you so much for reading! I hope this will help you. 

Sunday, 28 July 2013

The Brick Wall: Flowy Top and Multicolor Clutch

Hi Everyone!

I hope you all are enjoying your Sunday.

I recently went to passport office for some work and believe me it is hell lot of work and tiring as well. It was cloudy and a little humid too, so I kept my look simple.

I bought this top from Globus pretty long time back and I love the look and feel of this top. The material of this top is very soft and light. The flowy look of this top gives it a very contemporary and dramatic look and I get many compliments whenever I wear it. I love this piece in my closet and I don't really miss a chance to wear it.


As the color of this top is white and we all know that white goes very well with denims, so, I paired it with my favorite skinny jeans and to add a little color in the entire look of the outfit I carried my multi-color clutch.   

I'm planning to start monthly giveaways which will have small contests and lots of fun stuff and the winner will get a free gift. I will post more details regarding the same soon. So, do keeping checking my blog and my Facebook page ( ).

Thank you so much for reading!


Flowy Top: Globus (old)
Jeans: S. Oliver ( Here )
Multi Color Clutch: Stelatoes
Jewellery: Necklace and Ring (Fashionandyou) and Bracelet (Pantaloons)
Shoes: Heels
Watch: ALDO ( Here )

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Weekly Tips: Rompers

Hi Everyone,

Rompers are one of those garments which are very comfortable to wear and also look stylish. They are an another form of jumpsuits you can say, just a little shorter in length. 

Rompers are 'in' this season and they are available in so many patterns and prints and colors. You can wear it if you're going out on a sunny day as it will be nice and airy, also it can be worn on a rainy day as it will be easy to carry. 

I personally love Rompers and I have got them in some good colors and patterns, and you can pair them with so many things. They can look equally good with a handbag and a pair of gladiator heels or they can also be carried with a simple jhola and a pair of flip-flops. Now it depends on you, how you want to carry it.

Thank you so much for reading this. Hope you like this post. 
It is always good to show your nice legs sometimes. What say girls?

You can buy rompers: : Here Here

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Polka Love - Polka Dot Shirt and Leather Bag

Hi Everyone!

I have paired my lovely sheer look polka dot shirt today. It has net in the upper front and back covering the shoulders, which is giving a very chic look and the polka dots are giving a very girly and soft feel to the whole shirt.

I personally like polka dot fabrics as there are more options to pair them up with different more colors and patterns. I have recently bought a polka dot shorts too which I'm dying show here.


I have paired this shirt with black shorts and a big leather bag. As you all might have know that I like big bags as it carries all your stuff together and it also gives you room to put additional things too.



Thank you so much for reading this. I wish you all have a great Sunday and a great week. 

Please do not forget to leave your comments below. Also, let me know if you have any paring requests. I would love to do your requested pairings :)


Polka Dot Shirt: Mango (Old)
Black Short: Fine Collection ( Here )
Shoes: Stelatoes Shoe ( Similar Here )
Handbag: Puma Ferrari ( Here )
Belt: Sarojini Nagar Market
Watch: French Connection Watches (FCUK)
Neck Piece: Janpath

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Weekly Tips: Tie-Dye Maxi Dress

Hi Everyone!

Tie-Dye is back in fashion and with this we also adore maxi skirt and dresses  because they elongate the body and create a slender hourglass silhouette and if we combine these two things together, then this could be our Tie-Die Maxi Dress. 

It is a cool option to wear it in hot summers as it’s a mix of featherweight fabrics, wispy straps, and care-free prints that make the tie-dye maxi dress a must-have. It's simple and earthy look can be paired with almost anything, a long necklace or wide cuff or a cotton jacket and a pair of flats.

Here are some tips how we can wear it and look fabulous:

Thank you so much for reading!

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Living Free - Black Jumpsuit and Crochet Jacket

Happy Sunday Everyone!

Jumpsuits are always comfortable and easy to wear. I have bought this Jumpsuit from Fashionandyou. As it is completely in black color, I wanted to pair this up with a different colors so that it does not look boring.

I paired this jumpsuit with a crochet jacket, conductor sling and a leopard print flats.

 I have named this sling " The Conductor Sling" because back in the day, the bus conductors used to use such sling bags to keep their stuff.

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you like this post and the pairing. 


Jumpsuit: Fashionandyou, ( Similar Here )
Crochet Jacket: Old
Watch: French Connection Watches (FCUK) 
Sling Bag and Necklace: Sarojini Nagar Market :)